Fees and Charges
Trade-related Services
Commission (Phone) 0.25% of Transaction Amount (Minimum charge : HK$100.00)
Commission (Internet) 0.15% of Transaction Amount (Minimum charge : HK$50.00)
Trading Platform Fee HK$15.00 per transaction
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% of Transaction Amount
SEHK Trading Fee 0.00565% of Transaction Amount
FRC Transaction Levy 0.00015% of each Transaction Amount
CCASS Clearing Fee 0.002% of Transaction Amount (Minimum charge: HK$3.00)
Stamp Duty 0.1% of Transaction Amount (Roundup dollar)
Scrip Handling and Settlement-related Services
Stamp Duty Deed HKD5.00 for each transfer deed
Physical Shares Deposit Free of charge
Physical Shares Withdrawal HK$5.00 per lot (Minimum charge :HK$15.00)
Settlement Instruction (SI) Deposit Free of Charge
Settlement Instruction (SI) Withdrawal 0.002% of Stock value, plus Handling Fee HK$100.00 per stock (Minimum charge: HK$2.00, Maximum charge: HK$500.00)
Investor Settlement Instruction (ISI) Deposit Fee of charge
Investor Settlement Instruction (ISI) Withdrawal HK$50.00 per stock
Multi-Counter Transfer Instruction HK$10.00 per transaction
Nominee Service & Corporate Action
Dividend/Interest Collection Fee 0.50% of total Dividend / Interest amount (Minimum charge: HK$10.00, Maximum charge HK$500.00), plus first time Scrip Fee HK$1.50 per lot (to the nearest Board Lot)
Bonus/Warrant/Rights Collection Fee 0.50% of total Value amount (Minimum charge HK$10.00, Maximum charge: HK$500.00), plus first time Scrip Fee HK$1.50 per lot (to the nearest Board Lot)
Exercise Warrant/Rights /Open Offer CCASS Corp Action Fee HK$0.80 per lot (to the nearest Board Lot), plus Handling Fee HK$100.00
Accept Cash Offer/Takeover or Privatization CCASS Corp Action Fee HK$0.80 per lot (to the nearest Board Lot), plus Handling Fee HK$100.00, plus Stamp Duty 0.10% of Transaction Amount (to the nearest dollar)
Voting Instruction Free of charge
Share Consolidation/Subdivision Free of charge
Dividend/Bonus Claim CCASS Claim charges HK$200.00, plus Handling Fee of HK$200.00 per request
IPO Subscription Handling Fee of HK$50.00 per request
Custody Fee Free of Charge
Stock Segregated Account Semi-Annual Fee HK$200.00 per Account
Fund Financial Charges
Margin Interest Rate Per Annum only
Account Debit Balance Prime rate + 3 %
Account Credit Balance over HK$200,000.00 Saving rate - 0.25 %
Other Service Charges
Audit Confirmation HK$300.00 per request
Overdue Interest (For Cash Client Only) Prime rate + 7 %
Re-print Statement HK$50.00 each statement (Within 3 months – Free)
Returned Cheque HK$100.00 per transaction
HKD House Transfer (HSBC Only) HK$100.00 per transaction
Local Bank Transfer (Chats) HK$300.00 per transaction
Oversea Bank Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) HK$400.00 per transaction
Bank Fees & Charges If required


  1. Effective from 1 January 2023, existing cash market fixed Trading Tariff of HK$0.50 will be removed, and cash market SEHK Trading Fee will be adjusted from 0.0050% to 0.00565% of Transaction Amount;
  2. The charges above are for reference only, please contact us if any specific service(s) required;
  3. Interest rate in accordance to market condition, please contact us for any queries;
  4. The Company reserves the right to adjust charges without prior notice.

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